Camaro Parade Car  $950

This is a 1982 Camaro Pace Car style Parade Car.

The decals say Indianapolis 500 the Sixty Sixth – May 30 1982.

The fiberglass body is in good shape.


I had this running this past summer (July 2021) and it ran good, with no smoke. Everything works as it’s supposed to.


The rims are starting to rust so they need some attention.


If you have an early 1980s Camaro that goes to car shows, this would be a great companion.


The car is 37 inches wide, 87 inches long and 24 inches high.

A large or tall person would have problems driving this car.


I can’t ship this, it must be picked up near Marengo, Ohio.

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The worst damage is the front right lower corner, and there’s some tiny stress cracks near the mounting holes on the hood, see the close-up pictures.

Parade Car08.JPG
Parade Car09.jpg

The serial number sticker says Mini Cars, Vans, and Pickups created and manufactured by F.W. & Assoc., Inc.

Parade Car10.jpg

This car was not used much because it’s a parade car not a go-cart. It has a 3 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine with a centrifugal clutch (like a mini-bike) that drives only one tire. It has a brake, and the brake only works on that one tire. So it works well on pavement, streets, and parking lots, but not so well on grass or off-road applications.

The frame on this one is broke because, well, we used it as a go-cart in a bumpy yard. It was put back in place, welded up, and a split piece of tubing was welded onto the bottom of the original tube for reinforcement. The frame repair just below the engine can be seen in the last few pictures. The cable tie is holding the kill switch wire and brake cable.

Parade Car11.JPG
Parade Car12.JPG
Parade Car14.JPG
Parade Car13.JPG

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