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Wheel Horse 1955-1959 Steering Parts Kit with Parts 3456, 3441, 3461 x2

Fits Wheel Horse models RJ-25 and RJ-35 made from 1955 until 1957 except cable steer system.

Fits Wheel Horse models RJ-58 made in 1958, and RJ-59 made in 1959.

Kit includes:

1 Tie Rod, Wheel Horse Part No. 3456

1 Steering Link, Wheel Horse Part No. 3441

2 Clevis Pins, Wheel Horse Part No. 3461

A new snap ring is included on the Tie Rod.

Two 1/8”x1” cotter pins are included for the Steering Link.

The last picture shows how the parts are installed on a 1958 Wheel Horse frame.

Sales Tax is required.

Wheel Horse 1955-1959 Steering Parts Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
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