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Wheel Horse 1955-1959 Steering Spindles #3400 & 3401

Fits Wheel Horse models RJ-25 and RJ-35 made from 1955 until 1957 except cable steer system.

Fits Wheel Horse models RJ-58 made in 1958, and RJ-59 made in 1959.


1 Front Spindle Assembly Left, Wheel Horse Part No. 3400

1 Front Spindle Assembly Right, Wheel Horse Part No. 3401

These parts are direct copies of original parts. I have made fixtures that allow me to reproduce these spindles with good accuracy and repeatability.

The last few pictures show how the parts are installed on a 1958 Wheel Horse frame.

These parts have no paint or rust preventative applied.

There is no handling fee. The shipping cost is based on the size and weight of the package.

Ships within the US only.

Sales Tax is required.

Wheel Horse 1955-1959 Front Spindles

Excluding Sales Tax
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